She laughed when David caught her in his arms and distrected her from cooking, so David didn't take it seriously and continued touching it, turning her to him and kissing her. It forced her to cease to repay kisses to her lover, which she wanted to present to her mother today, when he sizfled or hissed the pots on the stove or the lid on the pots. For a moment she ran away from him to mix the sauce in the Castrol closest to her, but it was already David's lips on his neck.
The Lovers ' play
She laughed, but leaned her head to the side to offer him better access to her sensitive skin, which David of course used abundantly. His teeth were wiped with her skin, and his tongue went through the other, and soon he had a small red finger on his shoulder, which would disappear in a few minutes. He was wiping it with a towel until it forced him to escape from the rustic kitchen for a while, but he came again in a moment.